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vpSnippets is a small utility to manage a library of pieces or snippets of often used text . The reason I created this is that I program in two programing language's as well as writing web pages in html. For¬ this work I use up to seven or eight editors's, some of which have the a ability to maintain libraries of code. None of them however use the same format nor are they accessable outside of thier own programing enviorment.

Rather than try to maintain several redundant libraries which would be usless if I changed tools I decieded to write a program which would run independently and unobtrusivley. vpSnippets runs hidden and can be brought up by clicking an icon in the windows tray. A snippet can then be located, copied and pasted with 5 clicks of a mouse.

Snippets aren't limited to small pieces of text. In fact whole pages can be saved. Generaly when I have finished typing something that I know I will use again in the future I copy it and past it into the snippet interface give it a name and save it.


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