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vpSpyder is a web site search engine which "spiders" websites by opening the url of the site index, reading all of the links on the index page, storing the content in a database and then repeating the proccess for each of the links found until it has read all of the pages of the web site (It ignores links external to the web site). This is, in principle, the same way that large search engines function. The advantages of having a "spidering" search engine for a website rather than a search engin that reads files from directories are:

It indexes only files that were intended to be viewed by visitors to your site.
It can index "virtual" pages ie pages that are created on the fly from CMS or database driven programs.
It usualy much faster as most proccessing is done before the search is initiated.

Some of the advantages of vpSpyder in particular are:

It is designed to be simple which means it is fast and good at what it does. It does not have a lot of bells and whistles which are often not used and just add to bloat.
You can search using Extact, All Words and any words.
You can update one page without having to reindex the whole site.
It's easy to setup and use.

Some of the disadvatages are:

It will not index frame based sites.
You can not use one instance to index more than one site.

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